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Beadazzled By Morgan

Tip Jar

Tip Jar

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This is a virtual tip jar for customers that are satisfied with my service & products, and for those who aren't into jewelry but still want to support my business.

Tips are up to your discretion, and this includes amount as well. Any & all tips are greatly appreciated, but never mandatory, it is merely a way to show gratitude and further support me as I grow my business. If you aren't able to tip, please know that a like and follow on TikTok and Facebook (@BeadazzledByMorgan) is just as valued.

All tips are highly appreciated and they will be put into improving my website and products. I love creating things, and I want to expand my shop and create products that I feel as though my customers will absolutely love.

Thank you so much for leaving a tip and supporting my dream. You are noticed, appreciated and loved. 💕

Lots of love, Morgan.

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