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Beadazzled By Morgan

Evil Eye Clay Bead Bracelet

Evil Eye Clay Bead Bracelet

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This listing is for ONE evil eye bracelet. 

These evil eye bracelets are made with 6mm clay beads and complemented with 8mm resin evil eye beads & 3mm silver plated spacer beads.

These bracelets are able to be made with 3mm gold plated spacer beads instead of silver. Type in "gold beads" in the personalization box to receive gold.

These bracelets are HANDMADE TO ORDER and will be made at the size you choose.

Please visit the listing photos for the size chart and instructions.

The evil eye is available in 24 colors. The different colors in these evil eye bracelets have meaning to offer protection in specific areas. 🧿

Red - Courage
Orange - Protection
Yellow 1 - Concentration
Yellow 2 - Health
Green 1 - Enjoyment
Green 2 - Happiness
Green 3 - Freedom
Green 4 - Happiness Protection
White/Blue (and White/Blue 2) - Focus
Blue 1 - Solitude
Blue 2 - Peace
Blue 3 - Calm
Blue 4 - Improve Mindfulness
Blue 5 - Relaxation
Purple 1 - Boost Imagination
Purple 2 - Rebalance
Pink 1 - Friendship
Pink 2 - Self Protection
Pink 3 - Improve Creativity
White/Black - Purity
Grey (and Grey 2) - Reduce Intensity
Black/White - Prosperity Protection
Brown 1 - Confidence
Brown 2 - Orderliness

Tip: You should wear your evil eye bracelet on the left wrist as it is said to protect you on an emotional and personal level. ✨

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